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Seeking Second Medical Opinion

With the ever-advancing Medical Technology, seeking a second medical opinion is now the standard practice for all kinds of medical diagnoses. Getting a second medical opinion from another Medical Expert is a decision-support tool for ratification or modification of the medical suggestions from other doctors.

Second medical opinion may have critical impacts on the disease outcome by influencing the followings, namely 5Cs:

  1. Correct Diagnosis:

    Patient and Relatives will have less Confusion concerning the disease and Second Medical Opinion helps their Better Understandings.

  2. Completed Investigations:

    Medical Expert will make sure that all of the appropriate studies and tests had completed and interpreted properly.

  3. Complete List of Treatment Options:

    Medical Expert will discuss with Patient and Relatives for all of the available treatment options. The Pros and Cons, Risks and Benefits of each treatment option will be fully informed.  

  4. Commitment for Making a Right Decision:

    Second Medical Opinion will help Patient and Relatives for making a right decision with significant reassurance, peace of mind and confidence. Second Medical Opinion may also eliminate the need for unnecessary invasive procedures or surgeries.

  5. Commencement for Long Term Planning in Cares and Livings:

    In summary, by Seeking Second Medical Opinion, patients may benefit from treatment optimization within reasonable timeframe and may avoid unnecessary risks of getting wrong diagnosis or receiving inappropriate treatments.

    The Questions that Patient and Relatives may ask our Neurosurgeon may include:

    • what does my diagnosis mean?
    • is my diagnosis correct?
    • is the proposed treatment correct?
    • is there more information available about my condition?
    • is there an alternative treatment that would be better for me?

      Patient or their relatives can access our website for healthcare information and on-line booking, or they can call our enquiries hotline (852-8107 1616) and speak to our Neurosurgery Nurse.

    After knowing the Natural Course of the disease and its life-long Prognosis, Patient and Relatives will start to plan for their future.

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